Christian Zionists in America

No Major Government Will Ever Move Its Embassy to Jerusalem the Holy City

By Hans Stehling
Global Research
9 December 2017

There are estimated, today, to be in excess of 40 million, mainly white, fundamentalist, Christian Zionists in America, primarily in the South. They believe that supporting Israel is a biblical issue, not a political one and they comprise the largest pro-Israel bloc in the United States which believes that God gave Israel to His ‘chosen people’, the Jews.

The Zionist evangelical faith is rooted in the belief that God keeps his promises.

“God gave the land of Israel to the Jews, forever and God blesses those who bless the Jews and God curses those who curse the Jews and if we want God to bless us and God wants us to bless America, then we have to bless the Jews.”

It will be noted that the Zionist movement is not altruistic but self-serving. Its support for Israel is not based on any inherent liking for Jews or Jewish Israelis but rather upon the imperative to follow the words of the bible, which they hold to be sacrosanct.

That is, however, not the whole story. The Christian Zionist movement believes that the ‘Second Coming of Christ’ will only occur when all Jews have been gathered together in Israel and baptised into the Christian faith. This is an anachronistic belief of fundamentalist Christianity, long jettisoned by a majority of the Christian peoples of the world but retained by the Evangelical Christian minority, particularly in America. To Jews, it is anathema – but they accept the concrete political benefits of such a fantasy for without the financial support of the fundamentalist Christian Zionist movement in America, there would be no state of Israel.

Evangelical Christian Zionists (in close association with Jewish Zionists) virtually control both Houses of Congress, and, therefore, the US Presidency. They work not only through the powerful AIPAC lobby but through their political influence in the majority of the states of the Union. This means that they have gained an extraordinarily undue influence over US foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East.

And they are instrumental in ensuring that Congress provides the Israeli government with billions of dollars’ worth of planes, guns, bombs and other armaments, every 12 months, all paid for by the gullible American tax payer.

This latest act of stupidity by current US President Donald Trump, in declaring the UN-designated, international City of Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel is an act of futility that is ultra vires Trump’s authority as it violates international law, and is consequently void. Furthermore, it is doubtful that any other state, (apart from the Philippines), would even consider moving diplomatic missions from Tel Aviv, Israel’s de facto capital.