World: Communism Is a Convenient Fifth Column for Justifying the Expansion of the National Security State

By Megan Sherman *
Global Research
December 14, 2020

The tendency of the American establishment to treat communists like international criminals is borne of a desire to fiercely police them. Through genocidal sanctions and covert agendas to exclude them from the diplomatic order, Washington wilfully, knowingly deprives communist countries of basic western privileges, ratifying an international caste system.

The US treats the representatives of experiments in socialism in the same way it treats terrorists, denying them humane, reasonable treatment. The global dictatorship of US capitalism represents a return to the dark ages, with the “extreme centre” – advocating war abroad and austerity at home – exerting the same power over public thinking as the centralised power of the church.

The war on left wing activism in the colonies has often turned bloody and violent, in the US empire’s cynical, craven attempts to stop socialism from advancing to a global consensus. Such interventions can be seen as an attack on the natural order of creation of proletarian solidarity. The CIA ruthlessly suppresses national liberation movements as forcefully as it opposes civil rights domestically, expanding its sphere of influence across the globe as a force for coups and counter revolution. Revealing as a myth that capitalism supports the infrastructure of freedom, it does not allow for fair competition between competing ideologies. Extra-governmental agencies deploy their vast resources to globally suppress alternatives to the hegemonic model of US capitalism.
The red scare is profitable for the military.

An enemy is needed to justify the existence of the defence and intelligence sectors (and this is why they view peace as an existential threat.) The defence and intelligence lobbies mobilise public fear to manipulate the citizenry for craven ends. They cynically exploit the earnest sentiments of the people to drive up conformity to their narrow, self-serving, imperialist agendas. Their power base requires for the nation to enter sleepless war, and vast resources are deployed to absorb citizens into regulated modes of thought and behaviour that acquiesce in the establishment’s war.
The Cold War has left nothing but a legacy of irrational, inhumane nuclear armament. The common wisdom that it’s better to invest in public services than lethal weapons that pose an existential threat to humanity is maligned as dangerous extremism. All the expertise of science is coopted by politics, and all the evidence is that the academy is enlisted to serve the nuclear war civilisation. After the collapse of the Cold War in 1991 the US military industrial complex entered an existential crisis. It had to seek out new enemies to justify its existence. 9/11 gifted the military industrial complex with a new foe: theocratic Islam.

It is time to demystify communism. Corporate propaganda and capitalist psyops have been deployed to portray it as degenerate barbarism, but in all truth it is an expression of humanity, which has historical roots.

While its practice is diverse and often contradictory (e.g. China, Vietnam, Cambodia ), “Communist thought” nonetheless constitutes a critical, freethinking alternative to the orthodoxies of western market fundamentalism.

* Megan Sherman is an independent citizen journalist, postgraduate analyst and civil liberties and peace campaigner. She is enlisted in the campaign to liberate Julian Assange and has strong ethical beliefs in the philosophy of the first amendment.